$2 million venture capital fund co-investing and incubating innovative, high-tech startup companies as a new economic and social growth engine creating a sustainable neighborhood in the Northern region of  Armenia with a focus on Gyumri.

Sustainable Investment

Distrikt Ventures will guide the startups to address social, economical and environmental challenges, that are based on the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Verticals

We bring our growth expertise to transform raw ideas into functional businesses along with our partners. Distrikt Ventures funds these startups which are being developed in a startup factory, Distrikt Studio.

With Us Your Investment Goes Further

Distrikt Studio startups typically require less capital than traditional businesses – between $100,000 and $200,000 – and can provide a much higher ROI. We have a proven track record of finding great partners and working together to create successful businesses. 

Distrikt Studio creates a solid ecosystem that makes it profitable to invest in Sustainable Development Goals. Our holistic approach considers all aspects of sustainability, from social and environmental impact to financial feasibility. This allows businesses and investors to feel confident that their money is being put to good use.

First-Round Startups Launched Successfully with Distrikt Studio

Seek Unique

Websites & Business Management Software for antiques & art dealers with unique items.


Triviamatic – The High-Quality, Low-Cost Solution for Trivia in the 21st Century.

English Bento

English Bento is a highly interactive English language learning tool for the 21st century.

Our New Investment Opportunities

FarmFresh is a farm-to-table marketplace with production and inventory management systems for farmers and direct sales for B2B or B2C buyers.
Ripple is an all in one platform for Online Businesses and specialists, which design function is to provide an actual learning experience for individuals․

The best solution for companies to train the Business English knowledge and business skills of their teams, customers and stakeholders.

At Digital Silk Road Gyumri the professional team will offer technology-driven tools to enter the Chinese market using the power of WeChat.

Xbooks is an accounting application designed for UK based accounting agencies working for small business owners for digital tax report generation.

A property management software with scheduling, communications between homeowners and tenants for maintenance, rent collection, and asset management.

SeekUnique offers beautiful mobile-friendly website templates and a marketplace to showcase and sell stock items, with integrated SEO, specially designed for the antiques and art industry. Seek Unique’s websites and Business Manager application are mostly designed for businesses selling primarily unique items.

With more than 40 clients in the UK & EU SeekUnique offers easy-to-use business management system and a marketplace specially designed for unique items.


The antiques and collectibles industry’s distribution is a retail operation. The antiques and collectibles offered are one-of-a-kind only in the sense that the seller has only one or two examples in stock. You have to interact with dealers for the purchase of antiques. These professionals offer items for sale in the marketplace. Easy interaction with dealers increases the chance of a profitable transaction. Everyone has different tastes in antiques. What appeals to one person, may not necessarily appeal to others. The choices that dealers can provide when selling antiques online are quite amazing. Having a good online antique shop with a wide assortment is surely more affordable than doing garage, flea markets, and other antique shop sales.

Distrikt Market is revolutionizing by bringing technology to artisanship

We’re bringing SeekUnique to Gyumri to create an online and offline marketplace for Gyumri artisans who create customized, unique and high value- added products.

  • Custom Shoes 

  • Ceramics 

  • Soaps 

  • Bio Art 

  • Leather & fur items 

  • Travel bags & Purses 

  • 3D Printed Jewelry 

  • Men in Black

  • Art in Canvas

  • Wood Acoustic Audio Diffuser Art

Digital Pomegranate Supplies Talent to Startups

Our tech muscle’s portfolio crosses five continents with over 20 countries. Working worldwide is a big competitive advantage and gives them unique perspective and access.

DP does web, mobile, and desktop applications and the technical expertise of our developers covers full-stack JS technologies, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Flutter, MySQL, Firebase, and much more. 

Since 2013 the team has delivered many challenging software projects for a multitude of industries and that complements their technical skills with relevant business knowledge to meet specific customer requirements. From technology to sales, go-to-market, design, management; Everything is provided on demand.

Opportunities for Investors

Distrikt Ventures Investment

One investment gets you equity in all Distrikt startups over the next 10 years.

Investment Options

You may invest $25,000 or $50,000

Flexible schedule of investments quarterly over 2 year

Return on invested capital in 5 years plus 15% return

In addition, you may invest in sustainable long-term growth of our Startups